Car Seat Organizers - Leather

Chew-Z Baby


Keep Your Vehicle Seats Clean, Organized and Scratch Free in 30 SECONDS

With only 2 attachments at the top and the bottom, they fasten easy and securely for a stylish look any parent will love.

They are made of High Premium PU Leather which is very durable, scratch resistant, water resistant and a machine washable.  They act as a kick guard for your seats against those nasty foot prints, leaving you with that new car look underneath!

The 8 deep, sturdy pockets offer plenty of storage space for your children's iPad, cellphone, books, drinks, a box of tissue and much more.

Get the clutter off the ground and enjoy the ride.

Get yourself 1 for $27.99 OR

a 2 Pack for $49.99 and Shipping across Canada is only $10.25!