Chew-Z Baby


Natural Wooden Rings and Food Grade Silicone Beads made into a musical toy sure to excite your little one!

They are NOT dishwasher safe, DO NOT leave any wooden teething toys in water. Wash product in mild soap and water and hang or lay flat to dry. Make sure that the cord is dry before storing.
Safety: Customers should always inspect and monitor their products for wear and tear, discontinue use at the first sight of any damage. Cords, clasps and pacifier clips are not intended to be chewed on and parents should watch children at all times.
To prolong the life of any wooden product, you may use a wood conditioner. This can be any coconut, avocado or olive oil. This has to be performed periodically to ensure that it does not crack or split. Once you have conditioned any wood, you will need to continue to do so.