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Chew-Z Baby

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Chew Mitts - 2 colors left in stock


These mitts are great for teething babies who just don't have the grip yet to hold on. Recommended for ages 0-6 months, for tiny gums and emerging teeth. They have a strong Velcro strap allowing the mitt to stay put without dropping a teether on the floor. They come in 5 colors (Mint Green, Salmon Orange, Light Green Quartz Pink and Pastel Blue.

They also come with a stimulating crinkle design and bright colored polka dots for sound and sight sensory. The Silicone end is designed to rub against your babies gums to sooth and give relief of teething pain and can be worn on either hand! Silicone Chew Mitts are Machine and Drier Compatible! Always make sure to completely dry the mitt before storing and at any sign of damage, please discard.